Welcome to lanfire
Lanfire is a site setup by a group of hardware nuts and gaming freaks.. they had one mission to make a site worthy of the great skills and prowess in their respective fields... but how to accomplish this monumental task. Yes they all got together and I gave them jobs to do :P welcome to the new site!
News Wednesday 26.1.05 There is a new artical on replacing a graphics cards stock heat sink.. (kipman725)
News: What are packet sniffers and are they good or bad? @ IceTeks
"Packet sniffers, tools used to record network activity, are often controversial. In this article we look at why this is the case, and also look at positive uses for packet sniffers."
News saturday 22.1.05 The lanfire rigs page has been created, it can be found on the .:[L-f]:. + affiliates menu <(-.^)> (pitman360)
News: XMS2 DDR2 675Mhz @ ocwizard.com Computer technology continues itís steady march into the future. Random Access Memory (RAM) has not been spared from these advancements, and today we will be looking at one of Corsair's offerings in its "performance" line up, the XMS2 DDR2 675Mhz RAM module
News monday 10.1.05 Ebuyer KC-XP02C Black And Silver Midi Tower Case Revew (kipman725)
Ive released the latest version of my UT2004 map Corridor of Doom (Tomrulez)
News: CoolerMaster 'Wavemaster @ ocwizard.com
After upgrading my video card recently, I quickly noticed that the internal ambient temperatures inside my boring, old, generic case were rising rapidly. So, it was time to consider purchasing a new chassis. After two days of contemplation, the CoolerMaster Wavemaster was selected to become my new PC enclosure. Lets take a closer look at it.
News Sunday 28.12.04 I have uploaded a huge new artical on psu modding... there may be a sequal in a few weeks! (Kipman725)
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